Virtual Learning Environment

At Frederick Bird Primary School we are using Microsoft Teams for home learning. This page is designed to get you online and into your first class.

You will need:

  • An internet connection
  • A tablet, laptop or computer
  • A username / password label from school

Logging in for the first time:

  1. Go to Sign in
  2. Enter your username ( and password
  3. On your first sign in you will be asked to change your password to something you can remember. Please choose a secure password with a capital letter, lowercase letters and numbers.
  4. Click Teams
  5. Pick your class
  6. Your teacher will upload documents and communicate via the team site.

I don’t have a username / I’ve forgotten my password:

If you forget your password you will need to email from a parental email account asking for the password to be reset. Please include your child’s name and date of birth as a security measure. A new password will be sent back during normal school working hours.