School Fundraising

Every year, the Parents and Community Faculty organise fund raising events. Our aim is to raise funds for the school, but also to provide events that are enjoyed by the school’s community. Staff in school then have the opportunity to bid for some of the money to be used for the children. Members of staff are invited to write letters to the faculty to explain what they will use the money for and how it will benefit the children. Recently, Mr Phillips wrote to the faculty to ask us to fund new kit and goal posts for the school football team.

Funds Raised

Funds Spent

Summer Garden Party (July 2017) – £1500 New t-shirts purchased for the school choir  (Oct 2017) – £90
School Disco (Feb 2017) – £300 New kit for the football team (2017) – £700
Community funding request kit and goalposts reply
Christmas Fayre (Dec 2017) – £2000 Games for the school’s Breakfast Club (2017) – £500