Complaints Procedure

The school’s nominated Complaints Co-ordinator is the Headteacher, they can be contacted on 024 7622 1920.

If you have a concern/complaint you may register it, either verbally, or in writing.

If the member of staff first contacted cannot immediately deal with the matter, they will make a clear note of the date, name, contact address, phone number and brief details of the concern/complaint. This information will be relayed to the Complaints Co-ordinator at the earliest opportunity and a check made later to make sure that action is being taken and that it has been recorded in the school’s log.

An opportunity will be given to discuss your concern/complaint with an appropriate member of staff, who will clarify the nature of the concern/complaint and the outcome required. The Complaints Co-ordinator will identify the appropriate procedure and either conduct the investigation themselves, or nominate an appropriate colleague to do so.

The Co-ordinator will make sure that you are clear about what action or monitoring of the situation has been decided on, only putting this in writing if this seems the best way to make things clear.

Where no satisfactory solution has been found within 10 working days at the latest, the Complaint Co-ordinator will ask if you want a formal complaint to be registered.

Please click on the link below to access the school’s full complaint procedure and complaint form.

General Complaint Procedure Frederick Bird June 2018
General Complaint Procedure Frederick Bird June 2018
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