Music Opportunities at Frederick Bird School

Our school enjoy music and give opportunities for children to sing and play music as often as possible. Year 2 and Year 4 are learning to play Ukulele this year with our new music teacher. Each week we learn a new song in assembly and perform it to parents during our achievement assembly on a Friday. We also offer small group lessons in steel pans for Key Stage 2 students. These lessons happen during the school day on a Wednesday and are paid for by the school. If you would like more information please speak to Mrs Seymour.

International Singing Club

Our International Singing Club meets on a Monday after school. They will be learning songs from around the world in different languages. If you want to join this please speak to Mrs Nastase.

KS2 Drama club

Drama club meet on Tuesday after school, from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. This club includes singing, dancing and acting. This club is open to all of Key Stage 2. We are working towards a performance of the Lion King which we will perform later in the year.


As well as the lessons and clubs listed, we also work hard to offer whole class opportunities throughout the year where possible.