Music Opportunities at Frederick Bird School

We offer small group lessons in trombone, trumpet, piano, bass guitar, drums and steel pans. These lessons cost £24 for each half term (6 sessions), which happen during the school day. Lessons must be paid for at the start of every half term.

School Choir

The school choir meets on a Thursday after school. Our choir takes part in local events and often performs with local orchestras. We are currently working towards a performance called Electric Proms at Warwick Arts Centre in November.

KS2 Drama club

Drama club will be starting soon. More details to follow. This year we will be performing Bugsy Malone.

KS2 composition club

This clubs supports children in composing their own music. Composition club meets on a Tuesday after school.

Dhol drumming

This club is for children from year 2 upwards. They meet on Mondays after school.

If you would like to start learning an instrument or sign up to join a club please see Mrs Seymour for an enrolment form. Sign up remains open until clubs are full.

As well as the lessons and clubs listed we also work hard to offer whole class opportunities throughout the year where possible.

Trumpet and Trombones

Last year, Year 4 were given the opportunity to learn how to play a trumpet or a trombone. The children learnt how to assemble the instruments and how to blow the mouthpiece to create a sound. They then learnt how to play different notes and practised blowing short and long sounds. They sang songs together in rounds and learnt how to play Happy by Pharrell Williams and Winter Wonderland. This culminated in a performance for the parents in December, in which they showcased their new skills.


The impact:

As a result of this programme, Year 4 children developed discipline, control and listening skills, by playing together as a group and following a conductor. They learnt about some basic music concepts, such as: dynamics, pitch and tempo. Our children progressed rapidly, to be able to play these instruments in a tuneful way after only ten sessions. Many of our children were then motivated to continue learning these instruments as part of the Peripatetic Music provision provided by Frederick Bird School.