In an increasingly globalised world, the ability to communicate in another language is an advantageous and desirable skill. At Frederick Bird, we are proud to have learners who are already proficient in a range of languages at home. We proudly work with Language Professionals at Sidney Stringer Academy to offer a world class Spanish curriculum model for all Key Stage 2 students. This builds strong foundations for learning which students will then build upon in Year 7 and beyond.

We offer a curriculum that is designed to develop enthusiastic learners who are confident in the key skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation, dictation and vocabulary retention. Students experience opportunities that broaden their multicultural awareness which are fundamental to their success in education and beyond. In addition, we equip learners with the transferable skills which come alongside learning a language such as communication skills, the confidence to express one’s thoughts and feelings and the ability to understand other people’s views and cultures. At Frederick Bird, we aim to instil a love of learning languages, a passion and an appreciation of life in the wider world.

Quizlet plays a vital role in our language lessons and prepares students for the following lesson. We would encourage you to support your child to use this platform at home to enhance their knowledge of the required class learning and to challenge them further.