Frederick Bird University Years 5 & 6


A great opportunity to learn the basics of coding, learn different simple techniques and apply them when navigating through the levels or steps of a game. Learning this is vital for the progression into more complex sets of instructions as you go through school life



Pupils will get the chance to design, create and build their own project. Learn different techniques, basic tools and types of materials.



In Music you’ll get the opportunity to listen to a variety of songs whether they’re instrumentals or acapella!, you’ll then get the opportunity to use different pieces of software to create your own music.

Well Being

You’ll get the opportunity to learn about looking after yourself, important information and routines that will help keep you feeling and looking well!



You’ll get the opportunity to work in a team and communicate ideas from reading scripts from different plays. Through drama activities you will explore characters, themes and language. You will work together to create a performance.

Fitness/Martial Arts

You’ll get the opportunity to learn different aspects of martial arts, practice basic moves,  learn technique and discipline all shown by a trained instructor. Good fitness is key in any sport so you’ll learn the best way to keep fit while doing martial arts!


Let’s Cook

You will have an opportunity to cook a variety of exciting food and including bread, pizza, fairy cakes and biscuits. You will learn about the ingredients needed and how to mix them together to make the desired food and yes you can take it home and eat it!


Gaelic Football

Ever fancied Gaelic Football? Well now is your chance too! You will learn everything there is to know about it, including the basic rules. You will also get taught how to pass the ball, control the ball and shoot too!




If you love drawing, tracing, gluing and sticking, then Art is for you. You have a fantastic opportunity to show your creative side and really express your imagination. Once you’ve created your own master piece you will be able to take it home.