Frederick Bird University Years 3 & 4



You will have a chance to learn from football coaches who will teach you football skills that will involve learning to  control the ball, pass the ball and work as a team to learn the game.



In Music you’ll get the opportunity to listen to a variety of songs whether they’re instrumentals or acapella!, you’ll then get the opportunity to use different pieces of software to create your own music.



A great opportunity to listen to, learn about and dance to a variety of music from around the world. This is a chance for you to watch music videos from Spain, Africa, Czechoslovakia and British You will then think about the dance moves that can make the song come alive!



You will learn the basic skills involved in martial arts. You will learn to have self control and discipline. It will also     involve you working as part of a team to carry out the     techniques taught to you by a qualified Aikido instructor.



You’ll get the opportunity to learn and understand what type of martial arts Taekwondo is and learn basic moves and techniques used. The qualified instructor will teach you to have self control and discipline too.




Pupils will get the chance to design, create and build their own project. Learn different techniques, basic tools and types of materials.



You’ll get the opportunity to work in a team and communicate ideas from reading scripts from different plays. Through drama activities you will explore characters, themes and language. You will work together to  create a performance.



A great opportunity to learn the basics of coding, learn different simple techniques and apply them when navigating through the levels or steps of a game. Learning this is vital for the progression into more complex sets of instructions as you go through school life



Cracking Ideas

A great opportunity to explore the world of science using everyday objects. You will learn how liquids react with each other and see what materials float and sink. You will be able to share your ideas and question each other about what is happening.