Frederick Bird University Years 1 & 2



You will have a chance to learn from football coaches. You will learn to control the ball, pass the ball and work as a team to learn the game.



You will learn to do some sewing and weaving. You will be able to see how to do stitching, think about the process      involved and to use wool to make your own sewing creation.


If you love drawing, tracing, gluing and sticking, then Art is for you. You have a fantastic opportunity to show your creative side and really express your imagination. Once you’ve created your own master piece you will be able to take it home.



You will have the chance to use a variety of materials such as play dough, plasticine and clay to explore the idea of    pottery. You will then have the chance to design and make a pot that you will be able to take home and share with your    family.


The Great Outdoors

A chance to get into the outside world. You will use natural materials such as sticks, soil and leaves to create forest     faces, go on a scavenger hunt and make mucky cocktails. What will you find?



Always dreamed of being able to play Basketball? Here is your chance! You will work with a real basketball player who will teach you how to control the ball, pass the ball and     become a true team player.


No Cook Cooking

Who needs to use a kitchen when you can make amazing dishes without one? This is a chance to create your own iced biscuits, instant whip, fruit pots and salad sandwiches and yes, you get to take it home and eat it!


A great opportunity to learn the basics of coding, learn different simple techniques and apply them when navigating through the levels or steps of a game. Learning this is vital for the progression into more complex sets of instructions as you go through school life


Musical Instruments

A great opportunity to learn a variety of musical instruments from a talented musician. This is a chance for you to listen to musical instruments being played, learn about them and then analyse it. You will then learn compositional skill and techniques to write your own melody.


Fitness/Ball Skills

A great opportunity to learn new ball skills from a variety of sports and incorporate the learning of fitness and different exercises that can be done to improve fitness and play  lots of different sports.



Indian Cuisine

This is a great chance to learn all about Indian Cuisine, what types of foods are created, cooked and eaten. You will get the chance to try some and then make your own.