Early Years

In the Early Years Foundation Stage at Frederick Bird Primary School our curriculum is built around children’s interests and prior learning. Accurate assessment informs our planning to ensure it builds on their next steps in learning and supports the development of new skills and knowledge.
Through a play-based approach, we focus on the development of knowledge and skills through exploration and investigation of children’s interests. We do this through ‘Project work’. This is alongside high-quality teaching to ensure that all children make good or better progress regardless of their individual starting points.
The curriculum is everything that the children do which is both planned and unplanned, including the attitudes for learning. We aim for our children to become critical thinkers who can work independently and show a high level of resilience. There are 7 areas of learning in the Development Matters for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

EYFS Brochure (1.5 MiB)

Project Work

Project work presents many opportunities for the children at Frederick Bird Primary School. We ensure the children’s ideas are respected, their creativity is encouraged, their interests are fostered, whilst we ensure the skills they need to develop are met. It helps encourage children’s curiosity and engages them to think and create critically as the topic is relevant to them.
The projects emerge from the question’s children ask and develop according to their particular interests.
It gives children the chance to practice problem solving and critical thinking. Children gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.
Take a look at the example of the project work that Miss Phelan carried out with the children in September 2019.

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