Both the EYFS framework and the National Curriculum are used to shape the content and expectations of our curriculum. They are used to teach the skills and knowledge required through termly / half termly topics. Some subjects may be taught discreetly.  The Chris Quigley Essentials curriculum is used to help us structure the skills in each year group and look at their progression within each phase. Alongside all of this we ensure that we are teaching what we believe is relevant to the children in our school and we build on previous learning.

Each subject is divided into skills for each year group based around the Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum. Milestone 1 is KS1 , Milestone 2 is LKS2 and Milestone 3 is UKS2. Each milestone builds on the one before so there is progression between the skills and the different year groups. ICT is the only subject this doesn’t apply to as we use the skills progression based on the work of Mr P ICT.

Some of our knowledge and skills content is subject specific, whilst other content is combined in a cross-curricular approach. Where possible the skills and knowledge will be repeated, and links made in order to aid long term memory.

Each year group has:

  1. A clear list of what knowledge is to be covered.
  2. The skills pupils should understand.
  3. Vocabulary lists for each subject in their year group
Curriculum breadth for

Years 1 and 2

Curriculum breadth for

Years 3 and 4

Curriculum breadth for

Years 5 and 6

Knowledge and skills taught for KS1 Knowledge and skills taught for LKS2 Knowledge and skills taught for UKS2
  1. The curriculum breadth (knowledge) for each year group ensures each teacher has clarity as to what to cover. As well as providing the key knowledge within subjects, it also provides for pupils’ growing cultural capital.
  2. The skills are the key disciplinary aspects of each subject, the essence of the subject. They are chosen to build conceptual understanding within subjects and are repeated in each topic.
  3. Milestones define the standards for the key stage skills. They identify progression throughout the school.