At Frederick Bird our intention is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that opens children’s eyes to the world beyond and inspires our children to learn more. It will provide opportunities for children to develop as independent, confident and successful learners, with high aspirations, who know how to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society.

Our curriculum encourages our children to:

  • Be tolerant to others
  • Be respectful
  • Be confident
  • Be aspirational and ambitious
  • Be creative
  • Be curious


To ensure that pupils become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics so that they develop conceptual understanding, the ability to recall and apply facts and knowledge, solve problems and reason mathematically.

Throughout school, pupils develop their skills in number and number operations, which enables mental calculations and written procedures to be performed efficiently, fluently and accurately in a variety of contexts. Pupils explore mathematical ideas creatively through engaging in rich and unique experiences and recognise the importance of maths in the wider world. They understand that it is essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology and engineering, necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment. Our pupils develop an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.

We want our pupils to have an art curriculum that provides opportunities to explore and develop their artistic skills using a range of materials and media. This will include skills in drawing, painting and modelling ensuring close links with the wider curriculum. We hope our pupils creatively and confidently engage with artwork and significant artists from cultures that are familiar and unfamiliar. We aim to provide our pupils with art as a tool for learning in other curriculum areas.

All pupils will have an understanding and appreciation of what it means to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. We hope to foster a respectful, competitive attitude in our pupils by providing them all with an opportunity to take part in competitive sport. As a school, we will offer the pupils the opportunity to experience many different sports and activities so that each child is able to find a physical activity that they enjoy. To help inspire our pupils to stay fit for life we will provide them with memorable experiences such as sponsored fund-raising events. There will be opportunities for pupils to try a range of sports. Through a skills-based curriculum we will ensure that pupils develop the physical skills that they learn in previous years and can apply these across different activities. We are confident that if the values of respect and enjoyment are embedded into PE across the school, both within and out of the curriculum, our pupils will continue sport and physical activity outside of school. In addition to this, Pupils will be trained as sports facilitators on the playground so that physical activity is encouraged at play times and dinner times, which will eventually need less input from outdoor staff once it is established.

At Frederick Bird, we provide a curriculum that broadens pupils’ minds and opens their eyes to the world around them. Our MFL curriculum, that focuses on the teaching of Spanish, equips pupils for the contribution that they will have to make as a global citizen in later life. Through learning Spanish, pupils will develop their communication skills, deepen their understanding of other cultures and develop an interest in life outside of Coventry. Our teaching of Spanish will enable pupils to have the confidence to express themselves in a new language, both orally and in writing.

At Frederick Bird, we will inspire a curiosity and thirst for knowledge in every child. We will work hard and strive to ensure that we embed our pupils with the scientific skills that they require to follow their own lines of enquiry and explore the world in which they live. In order to ensure their scientifically curiosity is peaked, we will endeavour to deliver a science curriculum that is rich in both scientific subject knowledge and practical skills-based learning. To achieve this, we will ensure that science is taught practically and the skills that pupils learn progress as they move through the school.

At Frederick Bird Primary, we help pupils to be inventive, innovative and creative in their thinking. This will enable every child to become confident to design, plan and produce a product that they have made or assembled. Pupils will have the opportunity to work independently or in a team. They will gain skills in using different tools to create their own models or products. They will have the opportunity to carefully plan and decide on the materials to use and to construct and test the techniques planned. Pupils will have the opportunity to invent, improve their products and evaluate them, equally learning and sharing their ideas too. Designing and constructing a product, will enhance pupils’ ability to become more imaginative, confident and creative. This will also stem their interest in the wider world, especially cross curricular links and I particular science and ICT.

Frederick Bird pupils will be confident users of technology who will know how and when to use the right application to improve their learning. Through the use of iPads, laptops and programmable toys pupils will have the opportunity to use ICT to give purpose to their learning and express creativity (for example turning their written work into films to be shared with real audiences). Pupils will learn and develop their ICT skills and have exposure to the digital technologies that are used to communicate in the real world (for example using safe, child friendly apps such as ClaasDojo to share work with teachers, peers and even parents). Pupils will recognise the importance of being safe online and keeping their personal information private. They will understand the dangers posed by technology and will be confident to make the right choices and talk to adults when they need support.

We want our pupils to understand and be able to act on issues around sustainability, conservation and the climate crisis. Pupils will leave our school knowing the impact they can have on the world, and in turn, the impact the changing world is having on them. Pupils will understand key scientific concepts such as greenhouse gasses, carbon footprint and climate change. Our empathetic approach will ensure pupils understand how their actions and choices can impact their local area and the wider world, and that it is a shared responsibility to and for humanity and the natural world.

We at Frederick Bird value our diverse community and wish to celebrate all religions and beliefs through the curriculum. Through RE lessons, pupils will be taught to respect, value and understand the religious and non-religious beliefs of our community. Their understanding will lead to important life skills, such as having a good cultural awareness and tolerance towards people they will meet in school and life after Frederick Bird. Pupils will gain an understanding of all the six principle World religions and learn to welcome and care for each other in our multicultural school. Through their learning, pupils will be encouraged and have opportunities to ask questions about differences as well as celebrate similarities between religions. Our aim is to prepare pupils to ask questions and make choices about how they wish to live their lives, with a good understanding about different faiths around the world.

We want our pupils to develop tolerance, understanding and have mutual respect for each other’s, and the wider societies’, lifestyles and beliefs. We aim to deliver a curriculum that enables pupils to identify and develop positive relationships within school, families, their local communities and as members of a national and global society. Throughout their school careers, this curriculum will equip pupils with the life skills needed to enable them to learn with others and have the confidence and resilience to work independently. Pupils will be given the tools to manage their own emotional wellbeing and develop an understanding of how their behaviour may impact others. Ultimately, we want our pupils to leave Frederick Bird as well-rounded individuals who have a strong moral compass and are ready to not only cope but flourish in 21st Century Britain.

Our history curriculum follows the stories of our past; from the great civilisations to the history of our local area. Through learning about people in the past the pupils will develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to appreciate where they come from and how the cultures of the world developed. Once they have established this understanding, the pupils will learn to debate sources and opinions in history, being aware of bias and prejudice. Through the use of stories, tales, fables and biographies, the history of our past is brought to life for the pupils.

Our pupils will explore and develop a curiosity to discover the wider world beyond their local area. Our geography curriculum will inspire pupils to care for their environment by actively engaging in projects that promote sustainability. It will allow pupils to develop an awareness and understanding of similarities and differences of people and cultures around the world by providing them with the opportunity to develop skills in a creative and challenging way where they can transfer their knowledge to other areas of the curriculum.

All pupils will be provided with opportunities to learn the following concepts by studying different musical elements throughout the school:

Reviewing and evaluating music (watching live performances in and out of school)
Singing and using our voices
Composing music
Playing instruments
We aim to develop creativity. Explore how music is created, produced and communicated, perform with our voices and instruments and develop confidence and ambition. Music is taught by teaching staff and specialist teachers. Our aim is to give all of the pupils the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of musical experiences which will hopefully inspire them to develop their skills further.

Our community

We will celebrate the diversity and cultural wealth of our local area and beyond ensuring that the children are well prepared for life in modern Britain. Our children will learn about the history of the local area, the heritage and cultures found locally and celebrate the achievements that have come from Coventry and the surrounding areas.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is more than just English and maths. Not only will our curriculum ensure academic success and progress, it will also ensure that our children become active members of society. It will support the development of the whole child with memorable life experiences and visits, the tools and strategies to address the problems that may arise around them and a vision of their life path ahead with the opportunities available to them.

Life after Frederick Bird

We want our children to leave Frederick Bird as well-rounded individuals with a good social conscience. Our curriculum will prepare our children with the skills to succeed in life. They will leave with a passion for learning, and good memories of their time in primary school.