Reception and Year 5: Working together

We had great fun practising our number recognition and counting skills with Year 5 Robins who came to help us as part of their PSED curriculum.

Year 5: Greek Day

As part of our theme on Ancient Greece, the children enjoyed a Greek day. This included sampling some of the sports of the time including running, discus throwing and long jump. We had a a wonderful day!

Sports Day

This year our sports day has looked a little be different due to current restrictions – unfortunately, we were not able to invite parents to attend. Each year group has had an individual sports day and we couldn’t be prouder of the children’s adaptability to this. Across the entire school, children have showcased an extremely…

Year 5 Create 3D Shapes

Last week we have been looking at Henry Moore and the pupils in 5 Wrens have been using different shading techniques to create 3d shapes.

Year 5 Anderson Shelters

This week the children have been learning about Anderson Shelter’s and why they were needed during the war.

Year 5 Blitz Learning

The children in Year 5 have been learning about the destruction that took place during World War 2.