Super writing in Year 4 Owls

The children in Year 4 are enjoying being back in school. Last week we really enjoyed sharing the brilliant picture book ‘Mixed’ by Arree Chung. This week we have focussed on another brilliant picture book: ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies. The story tells the tale of a young, homeless girl with no hope in life.…

Year 4: Antarctic Explorers

Year 4 have been focusing on Shackleton’s journey to the Antarctic. The children in 4 Owl have recreated pictures from the book using pastels. Aren’t they brilliant!

4 Kingfishers Science

4 Kingfishers have enjoyed a Science Day where they got to observe as well as conduct fun experiments. Visit our website to view the video of our experiment. The experiment is called ‘Genie in the bottle’ and it is a chemical reaction between hydrogen peroxide and manganese dioxide. 

4 Wrens release their butterflies

4Wrens set our butterflies free into forest school last week as part of our conservation topic, in how to conserve wildlife in our local area.

Year 4 Reading Gladiators

Year 4 Reading Gladiators were so excited to receive our prize this week! They can’t wait to take it in turns borrowing the books to share at home with their families. They also really enjoyed continuing their reading of The Song From Somewhere else and slightly unnerved themselves with their own illustrations of the troll, which they  created based only…