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Year 3/4 Harvest Festival

Years 3 and 4 today celebrated with a harvest festival assembly. Thank you for all your generous donations.

Y3 visit to Wroxeter

On Thursday, 3 Owls and 3 Wrens visited the Roman City remains at Wroxeter. Wroxeter was once the site of

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Chemical reactions in Y3

Year three children have been learning about chemical reactions in their recent Empiribox Science lessons. The latest lessons in 3

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Year 3 Kingfishers receive Blue Peter badges

At the end of Spring term, 3 Kingfishers wrote to Blue Peter to tell them about all of the hard

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Year 3 Poem

This term, we have had a new theme called Looking After Our Planet. Now that we are nearly at the

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Climate Change Protest

Children in Year 3 today joined the world wide protest against climate change. The children have been learning about the

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The Northern Lights with pastels

Year 3 today read the book Brave and the fox. During the story, Brave, a young girl, viewed the Northern

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World Book Week: Musical

What’s the perfect way to start World Book Week? A musical based on books has to come pretty close –

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Tidying up!

Motivated by their new theme ‘Looking after our planet’, the Year 3 children have been making an effort to tidy

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Hokusai’s The Great Wave

Children in Year 3 have been working on big art projects this week. As part of their learning this week,

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