Year 1 Village

WOW look at these fantastic houses that Year one children have made as part of their home learning project.. If you have made a house, why don’t you bring it in and add it to our village!

Year 1 ‘Frederick Bird and Me’

The Theme for Year 1 is ‘Frederick Bird and Me’. We are learning about how we have changed as we have grown up. Can you guess which Year 1 Teachers these beautiful babies grew up to be?

Sports Day

Our annual Sports Day took place on Thursday 25th June. The children enjoyed the opportunity to compete against their friends and siblings and worked hard to beat their personal bests in six different sports. Both the Key Stage 1 and 2 events were well attended by family members. Some of those family members even competed…

Science Open Morning

Our Science Open Morning held on 19th May was a huge success and well attended. Many interactive, exciting activities to involve pupils and parents were planned and delivered across the school. Pupils were fully engaged and parents were equally eager to participate and join in. The learning environment was highly engaging and inspiring across the school…