Year 1: Levers for a purpose

In DT the children in 1 Owls have been learning about the components of a lever.  They then designed and made their own animal feeder which included a lever. Their design was for a special purpose to feed Mrs Franklin-Hackett’s cat Suki, her cat treats. The children were so excited when Suki came to visit. They…

Platinum Jubilee

Before the half term, the school learnt about the Platinum Jubilee and the Queen’s life and family. On the last afternoon the whole school joined together on the field to celebrate the Jubilee with a picnic and some music from over the last 70 years. Every child had a drink, ice-cream and a red, white…

1 Owls visit the zoo

1 Owls had a fun time at the zoo on Tuesday.  They were able to use their reading skills and knowledge in science to find out which animals were nocturnal and diurnal and whether they were herbivores, carnivores or omnivores by checking the signs to see what the animals ate.  They also identified what group…

Walking on the Moon

 The children in 1 Owls used the green screen app to make a movie Walking on the Moon. We hope you enjoy it.

1 Owl Poem

The children composed their own poem inspired by the book Look Up! by Nathan Bryan.  Then children then read their poem individually and as a class becoming confident performers.

Year 1 Literacy: Making a witch’s potion

Children have been writing about the witch in the story Rapunzel.  In the forest school, they made a magic potion which they used for inspiration for their poems.