Platinum Jubilee

Before the half term, the school learnt about the Platinum Jubilee and the Queen’s life and family. On the last afternoon the whole school joined together on the field to celebrate the Jubilee with a picnic and some music from over the last 70 years. Every child had a drink, ice-cream and a red, white…

Mother’s Day in Nursery

In Nursery the children celebrated Mother’s Day by painting some pictures of their mums. They also had a try at writing their names in a card for their mums too. Their marking-making skills are developing well.

World Book Week: Dance Workshops

World book week has started with a jump here at Frederick Bird. The children from Nursery and Reception took part in a dance workshop to bring books to life! Acting out the stories our children love is a great way to make reading more fun and is great exercise too.

Libraries and Information Service Nursery Workshops

Over the past three weeks in Nursery we have enjoyed having staff from the Library Service visit us to give workshops. They have worked with parents and children to promote reading and promote joining the library. The sessions were very well attended and there were many positive comments from parents about how much they enjoyed…

Autumn in Nursery

The Nursery children have been having fun exploring the outdoor environment as the seasons change. They have collected leaves to draw and make collages with. They have helped to collect the leaves using the wheelbarrows and of course have had a great time jumping in the piles and throwing them in the air. We have…