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This week in reception

This week in reception we have been learning to …. Move heavy things Dance at the princess ball Mix colours

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Reception enjoying their Japanese inspired lunch!

Today, the children had a special menu and got a chance to try some Japanese inspired food!

Reception Celebrate Birthdays

Some children in Reception decided to dress up and organise a party.  Their interest and excitement has led to an

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Year 1’s Climate Message

We are learning about our beautiful planet and the effects of pollution on the world. We talked about ways to

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Snail family grows…

In our science lab at school we have a colony of snails that have just laid a batch of eggs.

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4 Kingfishers Science

4 Kingfishers have enjoyed a Science Day where they got to observe as well as conduct fun experiments. Visit our

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Y3 visit to Wroxeter

On Thursday, 3 Owls and 3 Wrens visited the Roman City remains at Wroxeter. Wroxeter was once the site of

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Chemical reactions in Y3

Year three children have been learning about chemical reactions in their recent Empiribox Science lessons. The latest lessons in 3

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FB 0-6 Stoke Heath

The boys football team visited Stoke Heath on Wednesday for an end of season friendly. The match was competitive but

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Year 5 Greek Day

On Thursday 13th June, year 5 had a wonderful day, that was named ‘Greek Day.’ We all made a wreath

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