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Reception Celebrate Bonfire Night

Reception had a great week celebrating Bonfire night. We did lots of fun activities but the highlights were holding a sparkler and sitting around a real campfire!

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Reception have fun in the fallen leaves

Reception had great fun playing outside in the Autumn leaves today.

Year 3/4 Harvest Festival

Years 3 and 4 today celebrated with a harvest festival assembly. Thank you for all your generous donations.

5 Owls’ letter home

We have been learning about children being evacuated during World War 2. We thought about what items they would have

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Reception Diwali lessons

Last week we have been learning all about Diwali. We have used the muscles in our hands to make diva

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Year 1 Shadow Puppets

Year 1 had a visit from Major Mustard and his shadow puppet show. After they made their own puppets.

This week in reception

This week in reception we have been learning to …. Move heavy things Dance at the princess ball Mix colours

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Reception enjoying their Japanese inspired lunch!

Today, the children had a special menu and got a chance to try some Japanese inspired food!

Reception Celebrate Birthdays

Some children in Reception decided to dress up and organise a party.  Their interest and excitement has led to an

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Year 1’s Climate Message

We are learning about our beautiful planet and the effects of pollution on the world. We talked about ways to

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