At Frederick Bird, governors, staff, parents and children work as a team, building on success, in a happy, creative environment, where everyone feels valued.

We meet every term as a full governing body and have 2 separate committees. Business and Management which looks at the finance and general running of the school and Improvement, primarily focusing on the Teaching and Learning. All governors are welcome to all meetings.

Governors have a number of key functions, and become involved with a variety of issues including finance, pupil welfare, policies, building/grounds maintenance and staff appointments. However, without a doubt, their most important role is to support the school to ensure the welfare and education of the pupils.

Governors are appointed to ensure that objectives are met and that planning is both visionary and realistic. They are here to support and encourage our Head teacher, the Senior Leadership Team and all school personnel, so that children have access to an enriched education and the opportunities they deserve.

Should you wish to contact and of the governors to discuss any matter further please do so through the school on 02476 221920.

Parents and Governors have key roles in helping Frederick Bird School to maintain high standards for all our children both now, and for future generations.


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Dates of 2022/23 Governor meetings

Autumn 2022Spring 2023Summer 2023
BusinessMonday 10th October at 6:00 pmMonday 13th February at 6:00 pmMonday 5th June at 6:00 pm
ImprovementMonday 7th November at 6:00 pmMonday 6th March at 6:00 pmMonday 19th June at 6:00 pm
Full BoardMonday 12th December at 6:00 pmWednesday 22nd March at 6:00 pmMonday 17th July at 6:00 pm

All Governors can be contacted via the school on 02476 221920.