The School Council has an extremely important role and pupil voices are highly valued at Frederick Bird.

Every September a new School Council is elected at Frederick Bird. It is made up of one student from each of the classes in school. Every class holds an election to decide who will represent them for the school year.

Why do we need a school council?
  • Everyone is an important part of our school. Everyone should have a say in how it is run
  • Everyone has a right to be listened to and express their opinions
  • Children have some great ideas
  • Children might notice things that need changing of which adults aren’t aware
  • Adults don’t always have the answers, children can help them to see things differently
  • Children can help make our school better
What does a school councillor do?
  • Go to school council meetings and take part in discussions
  • Let their class know what was discussed at the meetings
  • Listen to people in their class and take their views to the council
  • Get involved with projects run by the council


School Council 2

Some of the School Council have described how important their role has been this year:

Being on School Council has made me more confident because it makes me feel brave to talk more. Maria, Year 6

In School Council I enjoyed fundraising as it helps people globally. Samuel, Year 4

I love doing my job because we get to do things such as having important meetings about what is going to change in school. Ammarah, Year 6

I have enjoyed being on School Council because we got to help fundraise for Nepal. Rizwan, Year 4

I feel that making decisions for the good of the school is something to be proud of. Fathiya, Year 5

I have enjoyed being on School Council because we had the chance to help people with problems. It has been a real privilege to do this job. Hassan, Year 5

I enjoy being on School Council because it is good to have responsibilities and to represent your class. Freya, Year 3

I am really proud that we helped Nepal after their recent earthquake. Sufyan, Year 5

I have enjoyed School Council because it is amazing to make so much progress on school issues. Nazrin, Year 3