We are looking forward to welcoming your child into Nursery. Here is some information to support your child’s transition. Here you will find information about our routines and things you may find useful before your child starts with us.


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Open morning Presentation

Being Nursery Ready 

  1. I can feed myself with a spoon. 
  1. I can drink from a cup without spilling. 
  1. I can go to the toilet by myself. 
  1. I can wash and dry my hands. 
  1. I can take my own coat off and hang it on my peg. 
  1. I can find my own shoes and put them on. 
  1. I handle books carefully. 
  1. I can hold a book the correct way up and turn pages. 
  1. I can join in with some familiar songs and rhymes. 
  1. I can recite some number names in sequence. 


Will my child get a home visit from their teacher? 

Currently, we do not do home visits. You will be invited into school as part of the admissions process to see the nursery setting and meet the staff. 

What school uniform do I need? 

At Frederick Bird our school uniform is as follows: 

  • Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo 
  • Plain white polo shirt 
  • Plain grey or plain black school trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore 
  • Black school shoes 

Sweatshirts with the logo can be purchased from school. Cardigans with the logo can be purchased from Cat Ballou, 1-3 The Burges, Coventry CV1 1HN. You can buy royal blue sweatshirts (with no logo), polo shirts, trousers, dresses and skirts from supermarkets. 

Will my child need a P.E. Kit? 

No, your child will not need a PE Kit. Your child takes part in physical activities throughout the day both outside and inside the classroom. However, your child will not take part in a set PE lesson and this will start when they go to Reception. 

Do I need to provide my child with a snack? 

The school is currently supplied with a range of fruit every day. Your child can also choose between milk and water. You do not need to give your child a snack for school. 

When will I know which session my child will attend? 

You will receive a letter to find out if your child is in the am or pm session. 

When will I meet the teacher? 

You will receive a letter with a time and date to come to school and meet the staff and fill in the paperwork. Please bring the following with you: 

  • Your child’s birth certificate or passport 
  • Contact details of parents/carers including an email address 
  • Contact details for additional emergency contacts – these could be friends or relatives 
  • Details of your child’s doctor 
  • Any information relating to medical or special educational needs that your child may have