Behaviour and Wellbeing

At Frederick bird we have shared values, beliefs and principles about behaviour that underpin everything we do.

We have lots of positive strategies to support behaviour and our ethos is to be an inclusive school, working on an individual basis with children and parents. Please refer to the Behaviour policy and the Inclusion policy in the Parent section.

WELL-BEING SUPPORT – a therapeutic approach

THRIVE – Two members of the Inclusion team are trained Thrive practitioners and this approach has been used across the school since August 2016. We use the thrive approach to help us to understand the child’s emotions and behaviours and helps us to respond in a positive manner to re-integrate them into the classroom.

Art Therapies – Several members of the Inclusion team are trained in delivering Drawing and Talking Therapy. This is non-intrusive way for children to share their emotions in pictorial form and talk with an adult about their feelings.


Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, all staff have a duty to report concerns and are trained to be vigilant under the header ‘Remember, it could happen here’.

Staff use the CPOMs system to record incidents and areas of concern for children to help inform actions to keep children safe.

Please refer to the Safeguarding policy.