British Values at Frederick Bird

  • Each class vote for a member to represent them for our school council.
  • In year 6, a head boy and head girl and voted for to make up the school’s leadership team.
  • During the general election, Key Stage 2 studied the different political parties and took part in their own election.
The rule of law
  • The rule of law is discussed through assemblies and the SMSC provision.
  • Pupils are taught the rules of different faith groups through Religious Education.
Individual liberty
  • In each lesson, pupils are encouraged to be independent learners. They are given the freedom to choose learning activities which promote independent thinking and the opportunity to challenge themselves.
  • Pupil voice is a strong feature of our school, through the school council and the school’s leadership team.
Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs
  • Our school’s values reflect our respect for the diversity of our school community.
  • Respect is key to all we do and is a fundamental part of our behaviour policy, and it is a point of discussion in SMSC, assemblies and is embedded throughout school life.
  • In school, staff are expected to treat each other, all pupils and parents and families with ‘unconditional positive regard’. The basis of this is mutual respect, regardless of religious and social background.