“Aspire and Achieve”

Our shared vision is for every child to be a proud member of our community, surrounded by care, positivity and happiness. We will educate and nurture them to be the best that they can be in our ever-changing world.

We aim to achieve this by:

Motivating children to:

  • Be positive, curious and enthusiastic about learning
  • Surpass expectations of themselves and follow their dreams, interests and talents
  • Understand their role in the school community and beyond
  • Use their voice to ask questions, share their opinions and demonstrate their learning

Providing an environment which:

  • Challenges ALL, whilst providing an ethos in which mistakes are a part of learning
  • Nurtures a respect of others and themselves whilst valuing diversity and equality
  • Is built on trust, enabling children to feel safe and secure
  • Is a positive place where all are aware of their roles, contributions and impact on one another
  • Values the physical learning space
  • Sets high expectations and instils a sense of pride in all aspects of school life
  • Nourishes and supports everyone’s mental health and ambitions

Teaching and encouraging children to:

  • Celebrate the journey as well as the outcome
  • Become self-aware by knowing their strengths and weaknesses
  • Aspire to greatness by providing children with a range of wider opportunities which influences their current and future success
  • Take on board feedback as an instrument to improve and achieve potential

Helping children to develop:

  • A wide range of skills across the curriculum and to be literate and numerate in order to succeed beyond our school
  • The ability to process their emotions in a healthy and constructive way
  • Pride in their work, themselves and their intellectual worth
  • The confidence and resilience needed to thrive
  • An understanding of what it means to live and work in a diverse community

Valuing the role of ALL adults to shape children’s lives by:

  • Modelling positive attitudes and relationships
  • Engaging parents to enable them to be an active partner in their child’s learning
  • Recognising the strengths and skills of all staff, ensuring everyone feels valued