Since the start of the year, the children have been developing their narrative writing using the film ‘The Piano’ as the inspiration. After watching the short film by Aidan Gibbons, the children worked on improving their use of a range of different writing skills. Please enjoy reading their final written pieces.

You may wish to watch the film first in order to understand the story that the children are telling.

Section 1: Jael, Mariam, Rumeisa & Thaneesh

Section 2: Diwan, Navya, Farihah & Rawen

Section 3: Juwayriyah, Caitlin, Sidra, Kavish & Tony

Section 4: Moosa, Rimass, Max, Akram, Andra, Mulhat, Rachel & Maya

Section 5: Lamaar, Frederick, Dennis, Aicha, Jihad, Estera, Dominika & Shawn