Message from Mr Tuffin

Dear Parents/Carers

What a very strange end of year this has been, and one that I hope we never see again. It has been lovely to see some children in school over the last few weeks and I know how much the teachers have enjoyed being with them again. I know that many of you would have liked to come into school, unfortunately this has not been possible within the governments guidelines. My thanks for all the work you have been able to do with your children at home, this will have helped them so much.

With regard to September and the start of the new school year, the government has made it clear that all children will return to school from September full time. We have put together a very detailed plan as to how we will do this to ensure all the children and staff are as safe as possible. This will include many changes from normal school and we will share these with you in September.

One thing that will be different is the first week back. We are going to stagger the start of the term over the first 2 days, please see below for new starting times;

Thursday 3rd September – Years 2, 4 & 6 only, Start 8.45am, Finish 12.30pm
Friday 4th September – Years 1, 3 & 5 only, Start 8.45am, Finish 12.30pm
Monday 7th September – All children in, Times to be confirmed

Reception class start dates times will have been shared with you already.

There will be lots more details to share with you so please look out for an e-mail and info on our website from Tuesday 1st September.

In the mean time have a lovely holiday and enjoy the new lifted restrictions but please still say safe.


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