Team Mate of the Week

All the children at Frederick Bird are stars but this week the following children have been particularly brilliant!! Well done for all your effort, keep up the good work.

Mr Tuffin

Morning Nursery Adam & Muhammad
Afternoon Nursery
R Owls Luna Maye
R Kingfisher Aaliyah
R Robins
R Wrens Hamza
1 Owls Marko
1 Kingfisher Jenson
1 Robins Zakariyah
1 Wrens Abdul-Azeez
2 Owls Razvan
2 Kingfisher Delia
2 Robins Dennis
2 Wrens Mohamed
3 Owls Aiden
3 Kingfisher Sarah
3 Robins Naheed
3 Wrens Igor
4 Owls Warin
4 Kingfisher Sienna
4 Robins Aryan
4 Wrens Kyro
5 Owls Zahra
5 Kingfisher Dion
5 Robins Simran
5 Wrens Sahima
6 Owls Sophie
6 Kingfisher Sophie
6 Robins Ashty
6 Wrens Uzair

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