Half Term Opening

Dear Parents/Carers

I trust you are all staying safe and looking after each other in these very difficult times. This is a quick e mail to let you know what is happening in school over the next few weeks.

Firstly, we are completely closed for the half term break next week. There will be no one in school and the phones will not be answered.

School meals for those eligible for Free School Meals is not supported by the government this holiday, so won’t be provided. However, we understand that many parents/carers will be facing new difficulties at this time. Coventry has emergency food banks and the information is on the link below:


They will be very happy to help you, as they have been helping lots of people.

From the 1st June we will be spending the week looking at the possibility of opening the school to some year groups, if we believe it is safe to do so. Please note that no children (other than the group who have been in since the lockdown) will be in school that week. We will assess the safety of opening and let you know who might be in and when that might be.

We will be writing to give you more information as soon as we can to confirm further arrangements. Please remember that every school is different and will be taking their own approach based on their own context.

If you are celebrating Eid this weekend, have a lovely day even if it completely different form other years.

Once again, can we thank you for your patience and understanding in these difficult times.



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