Team Mate of the Week 3

All the children at Frederick Bird are stars but this week the following children have been particularly brilliant!! Well done for all your effort, keep up the good work.

Mr Tuffin

Morning Nursery Baven
Afternoon Nursery Miyah
R Owls Dawud
R Kingfisher Yassir
R Robins Kayden
R Wrens Nushrat
1 Owls Mason-James
1 Kingfisher Frankie
1 Robins Qasim
1 Wrens Ethan
2 Owls Elisabeth
2 Kingfisher Dzenan
2 Robins Sana
2 Wrens
3 Owls Oskar
3 Kingfisher Kimberley
3 Robins Isabel
3 Wrens Muhammad
4 Owls Lucy
4 Kingfisher Mohammed Rahman
4 Robins Rahman
4 Wrens Ahmed
5 Owls Ryan
5 Kingfisher Jay
5 Robins Stefania
5 Wrens Jennifer
6 Owls Labiba
6 Kingfisher Fortune
6 Robins Jaydine
6 Wrens Naima

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