Today 3 Owls and 3 Wrens had a fabulous educational visit to Blakesley Hall in Birmingham.

The children had the chance to dress up as the key conspirators in the Gunpowder Plot. Look out for King James being served by his new servant for the day!

The Hall itself was absolutely stunning to see and has been kept in such great condition. Thank you to our fabulous teacher for the day, Phil, for sharing his knowledge with us all.

In the afternoon we spent time practising our writing with quills and worked on building a model of the house with wooden bricks.

It was a great day!

Photo 1: Guy Fawkes signs his name

Photo 2: The inside of the house Photo 3: The fireplace Photo 4: Guy Fawkes with his co-conspirators Thomas Wintour and Robert Catesby. Photo 5: Writing with Quills and Ink 

Building the hall with wood

Crowning King James

Gentlemen meet the King and a Lord.

Traditional dress for mistresses!

I swear on the Bible!