5 Owls’ letter home

We have been learning about children being evacuated during World War 2. We thought about what items they would have taken with them in their suitcase and then wrote a letter home once being sent away:

5th November 1941

Dear Mum & Dad,

I am missing you all so much and I am so excited to be writing to you. A few weeks ago, the train journey lasted for nearly 3 hours! Through the window, I could just see lots of emerald, green trees which was surrounded by loads of grass. There were no buildings in sight! Feeling distraught, all I could think about on the train was whether I was going to ever see you again. When will I see you both again?

Once I had arrived at the train station, I saw two people walking towards me, who were saying my name, which made me feel confused. I remember feeling like the odd one out as I had stood there for what seemed like hours just waiting and watching as the other children were being collected.

I was taken to my new home, which was a local farm, and all I could see was animals everywhere. I didn’t know what this particular animal was, but it was black and white and made a strange moo sound. I then found out the next day that it was called a cow! Around me, I could smell something really strange, it stunk! It was so weird, I could hear silence in the distance, its not like the city mum.

My new home is lovely, I have my own bedroom, which is freshly decorated with sparkly wallpaper, and have a nice, double bed which is really comfortable to sleep in. Every day, we have to milk the cows and feed the animals and are assigned daily chores.

My new school is really posh! I enjoy all my lessons and really like my new teacher, who is Mr Hill, and have made some new friends. However, I think about coming home and living the happy life that me, you and Dad had. I really miss you all and love you so very much.

Thinking of you always, lots of love from 5 Owls. xxx


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