Reception Celebrate Birthdays

Some children in Reception decided to dress up and organise a party.  Their interest and excitement has led to an ongoing project about birthdays.  Children wrote birthday cards and made presents for a child who was celebrating his birthday, they wrote party invitations and they not only made party hats but also used ipads to photograph their  party.  One child suggested they needed real food for the party so children wrote shopping lists and went to the shops to buy the ingredients to decorate cakes.  Everyone enjoyed decorating their cakes and eating them!  Such a lot of learning came out of children’s own interests and ideas.

We are continuing our theme ‘This is me,’ and have asked as part of home learning for parents to send in photographs of children’s families.  A big thank you to all of the parents that have already done this.  It is great to listen to children talking about their families and celebrating special occasions together.  If you haven’t yet sent in a photograph please do.  It’s not too late as we will be talking about families all of this half term.


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