On Wednesday 13th March 2019, Year 5 tried SPACE FOOD! 5 Kingfisher’s results show that the food tasted awfully stale and doesn’t taste like real food(because it was freeze dried).
The way the flavour stayed in our mouths was disgusting, but what can we say, it was a great experience!
Why do astronauts eat dry food then normal food?
Well, astronauts on the space shuttle eat food in much the same way as they do here on Earth. In a low-gravity environment, food and drinks would simply float away if they weren’t handled correctly. To combat this problem, food is carefully contained and drinks are packaged as dehydrated powders.

If we become astronauts, we will have to feel the agony of eating this food again. We enjoyed these moments and hope to do it again, although it was an interesting but not very good tasting event. The texture of the food was very weird and Miss Savage, who is our teacher, thought it tasted horrific too! We all laughed our heads off.
These are the few people whom tried different type of food:-


By Iynaayah Uddin and Theo O’Driscoll, 5 Kingfishers.