Christmas Project Entries

Mr Tuffin had asked every class to create an original christmas project which he was going offer a prize to the most original story. There was no restrictions on how the story was created, it could of been anything from a video presentation to a picture.

There were so many different types of projects made from from life size models, some amazing videos and animation. Songs, stories, biscuit making and art work in class and across year groups.

Mr Tuffin really struggled to choose a winner so he chose 2 winners!
Well done to 6 Owls for their Advent angel delivery and video and also 2 Robins for their Christmas Scrap book and their acts of kindness.

Here are some of the entries that were made to Mr Tuffin ;

Matchstick Girls by 6 Robins –

1 Wrens Attempt at longest Paper chain in the school pt 1 –
pt 2 –

Reception Wrens performance of Mistletoe –


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