5 Owls Story – Jessie’s Journey

Jessie’s journey
In the moon light sky, Alex and I lit the black smoky barbecue. As I sat down, I gazed calmly at the sparkling bright shooting stars above the woodlands (which were inhabited by squirrels.) In the distance, I spotted a light brown fox which ran out of my sight like a cheetah running for its prey. Just then, we saw two cautious looking people, with serious expressions, staring our way. As I turned to look at Alex, I could sense the fear in his eyes. “There’s no time to waste,” Stated Alex urgently,
“You have to follow Rose Road,” cried Alex, “Don’t tell anyone or trust anyone, otherwise it will be all over.

In a blink of an eye, the two strange, mysterious people (one bald man and one chubby woman) sneakily made their way towards us. Without warning, they silently took my beloved Alex away. Feeling heartbroken, with my heart beating fast, I had the biggest meltdown ever and burst frantically into tears. Suddenly, I felt full of sadness. Hardly out of breath, Alex screamed “don’t forget to polish the mirrors,”
He then stated “I will see you soon my love …”

An hour later, Alex’s mum who was feeling worried, went to the police station to check the progress of our dearest Alex. Totally overwhelmed, I went into deep thought about what Alex had said. Definitely confused, I could not understand why Alex had told me to polish the mirrors as I had done this a few days back.
Positively trembling with excitement, it was like a light bulb went off in my mind and I remembered the lovely red heart shaped mirror that Alex gifted me for valentine’s day (our first one four years ago.) Rapidly, I rushed frantically to my upstairs bedroom, the one I share with Alex, to search for my aged, precious memory box. Utterly joyous, after finding my mirror-one of my most treasured gifts-I felt miserable not to find anything.

After a while, in frustration, I foolishly shattered the valuable mirror, on the brown, laminate flooring in rage. “What was that piercing noise?” bellowed my annoying mum.
“Are you okay?” she enquired. However, I was not paying attention, all I could focus on was the rigid, engraved message hidden behind the ancient wood…



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