Our Science Open Morning held on 19th May was a huge success and well attended. Many interactive, exciting activities to involve pupils and parents were planned and delivered across the school. Pupils were fully engaged and parents were equally eager to participate and join in. The learning environment was highly engaging and inspiring across the school from Nursery to Year 6.

The Open Morning provided a good opportunity for parents:

  • to join in exciting learning activities planned in lessons
  • to find out how learning activities are taught
  • ask questions
  • look at their child’s work
  • provide feedback /suggestions to improve

Overview – Teaching and learning activities shared with parents

Year Group Topic Activity
Nursery Decay Children made observations of bananas, fresh and decayed and described what they could see.
Reception Floating and sinking  Problem Solving activity – stimulus Ginger Bread Man. Children made boats of different materials and tested them in water.
Year 1 Materials Children enjoyed making paper aeroplanes and testing their flight in the playground.
Year 2 Identifyingplants Leaf Hunt – outdoor learning activity. Children collected leaves, identified them followed by an rubbing creating leaf art activity.
Year 3 Making catapults Cross-curricular History Romans /DT link. Children made catapults and tested them.
Year 4 Classificationplants Children did research work on finding information about plants and recording facts.
Year 5 Forces Investigating Bridge Structure – children made bridges and tested their strength
Year 6 Scientist Steven Hawkins Children carried out research work to gather information to write a Biography of Steve Hawkins.