On Tuesday year 6 were able to listen to a fantastic musical production. Here is a report by one of our pupils.

‘It was about music from 80 different countries. Firstly it was Spain and we heard Spanish music then Australian music after that. We sang some songs there and then visited Brazil. We stood up and we danced with the performers and then it was off to America where it felt like we were in a parade. Next we went to Ghana with loud music, which I really enjoyed. We had to copy the performers in whatever they did – which was fast and quick!

We also went to Japan and traditional Japanese fans were given out to children. A performer danced a fabulous routine on her own, as it was very difficult and looked amazing.

After that we went to India and there was more loud music and dancing, with performers wearing traditional clothes.

Finally, we returned to England and the performing team won the competition, which was where the show started – to go around the world in 80 days to win the competition!

They were presented with medals and trophies as their prizes and it felt like a wonderful celebration.

I really enjoyed it as I love hearing music from different countries and it was really good fun!’


Year 6

Class: Peregrine