We are proud of our year six as on Friday 8th May 2015 they came in for extra revision despite the school being closed to everyone else.

This day was composed of Maths from 9am to 10:30am where they built on their mathematical skills. Break time followed, with fruit and milk provided by the school. The milk gave some of the pupils a flashback to when they were in Nursery and Reception! After break the children learnt more tips to help them tackle the reading test. They enjoyed this session as it gave them examples of the types of questions that might come up in the actual SATs reading paper.

At 11:45am the children had a key skills maths session where they worked on quick tasks to help them with certain maths topics. One group enjoyed playing ‘Mathematical Who wants to be a Millionaire’.

By 12:20pm it was lunchtime and year six were in for a surprise as the school had ordered Dominoes pizzas for their main meal and dessert was from an ice cream van. After the hard work they had put in that morning this was a welcome treat for them all. Rafie from Merlin said “I thought this was going to be a normal day, I didn’t expect pizza and ice cream!”

This definitely got them geared up for the afternoon when they had GPAS (Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling). The children recalled the different sentence types and what makes a good sentence. They were then given photographs from their lunchtime with the task to create interesting sentences for each one.

The day ended with a year six assembly to explain what the timetable for SATs was going to look like and how proud we were of all the hard work they had put in. Well done Year Six.