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It is a privilege to be the Interim Headteacher at Frederick Bird Primary School, where the children are enthusiastic and motivated to achieve endless possibilities.

Our team of dedicated, hardworking and skilled staff have the highest aspirations for all of our children and through our partnerships with parents we aim for them all to become the best learners that they can be.

Through our website, we aim to give an insight into our school and a glimpse of our values, our curriculum and our community. We hope that you will find this information a useful starting point.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to find out more about our vibrant school.

As a parent looking at our school and this website we ask you to be a crucial part of your child’s education. To this end we welcome comments to help us improve further and look forward to working in partnership with yourselves.
Mrs Porter– Interim Headteacher


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Aims and Values

Our shared vision is for every child to be a proud member of our community, surrounded by care, positivity and happiness. We will educate and nurture them to be the best that they can be in our ever-changing world.


What have Year 3 been reading so far?

Year 3 have already had a very busy few weeks full of books and reading. We have shared picture books and chapter books in story times and have already studied 2 books in detail. We are keeping track of the books we read in our classroom. Why not ask us about the books we have…

5 Wrens letters to Telemachus

Today, children in 5 Wrens have been writing letters. The inspiration for these letters has come from reading the book The Adventures of Odysseus. At this stage of our learning journey, the children have come to learn that Odysseus will leave home for many years to support in the Trojan War. Against his wishes, he…

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