Scruffy and Mothers Day

Scruffy enjoyed spending Mothers day with Mrs Catton, to find out what they got up to read below;

What Should Scruffy Read??

Max and Scruffy are looking at books from world book day.. to find out the book Scruffy has chosen visit

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Scruffy Really Enjoyed Book Week

Scruffy had a wonderful time during book week.. dressing up and seeing everyone else’s costumes. Now he’s busy choosing a

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Scruffy ‘s Getting Ready For World Book Day

Scruffy has been reading lots of books to try and help him decide on his costume this year.. to find

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Scruffy Gets Ready For Harry Potter Day

Scruffy has been watching Harry Potter and reading the books in preparation for Harry Potter Day.

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Scruffy Has a New Book

Scruffy has found a new book.. to find out if scruffy enjoyed the book, carry on reading…

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Scruffy Studies Fish + Joins Reading Gladiators


Scruffy Finds Out About Fish

Scruffy has been learning about fish…

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Scruffy’s Christmas News

Scruffy had a great Christmas with his friends, download and read to find out what he got…

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Scruffy’s Scrapbook Competition

Scruffy has really loved looking at all of the lovely scrapbooks that you made. It was really hard to choose

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