Year 6 News

Recent news stories for Year 6 are included below.
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Numbers Morning

Year 6 children investigated the Fibonacci sequence in our Numbers Morning. Look out for the next session on our website

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What’s Been Happening In Year 6

There’s been lots of topics and work being produced in year 6 since the start of the year, so we

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Year 6 Homework revision pack

Dear Parent/Carers, As you will appreciate, this year is a demanding time for your children with the SATs test fast

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Year 6 at Dol-Y-Moch

We have received word that Year 6 are having a great time at Dol-Y-Moch and are all enjoying the activities.

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Important Messages for Year 6

SATS tests: A reminder for all parents, that the week beginning 8th of May will be the national test week

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