Year 6 News

Recent news stories for Year 6 are included below.
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Frederick Bird 0-4 Potters Green

In the latest school football match, the boys year 5 and 6 football team suffered a defeat against a strong

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Stoke Heath 1-4 Frederick Bird

On Friday 8th, the boys football team took a walk down to Stoke Heath Primary School for a local derby

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FB 7-2 Whitmore Park

Last week the Frederick Bird boys football team continued their good form this season with a victory against Whitmore Park.

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Pearl Hyde 1-4 FB

Congratulations to the boys from year 5 and 6 who participated in the school football match against Pearl Hyde on

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FB 3-4 St John Vianney

The Frederick Bird boys football team took part in a fantastic game in the Harry Shaw Cup competition tonight. Unfortunately the

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