School Performance Figures

Please click on the Department for Education link below to access Frederick Bird’s performance tables.
At Frederick Bird Primary School, we work hard to help our children make good progress and achieve the highest results they can.
Every child counts. Our rigorous assessment cycle ensures that every child’s progress is monitored and appropriate challenge and support is provided to ensure every child achieves their potential.

We are exceptionally proud of our KS2 progress data for 2016. The progress our pupils have made from KS1 to KS2 is significantly above the national average in writing and maths.
The % of children achieving the expected standard is in line with the national average.

The Achievement of Pupils 2015 – 2016

End of Foundation Stage Assessment

60% of our children in Reception have achieved a good level of development.

Good Level of Development
School 60%
National 70%

Year 1 Phonics Screening

72% of our children passed the Phonics Screening Test.

Phonics Screening Test
School 72%
National 81%

End of Key Stage Attainment

At the end of KS1 and KS2, children nationally are expected to meet the age appropriate standard in reading, writing and maths.  Our children have worked really hard to achieve the results set out below.

Key Stage 1 SATS (Year 2)

Children achieving the expected standard (EXS)

Reading Writing Maths
School 66% 55% 70%
National 74% 65% 73%

Key Stage 2 SATS (Year 6)

50% of our children passed expected standard in reading, writing and maths
Children achieving the expected standard (EXS)

Reading Writing Maths GPaS Reading, Writing and Maths Combined
School 54% 77% 68% 71% 50%
National 66% 74% 70% 72% 53%