School Uniform

The school uniform is compulsory and has been designed to be smart, simple and as economical as possible.

Please remember to add your child’s name to new items of uniform before they are worn to school.


PE Kit – Plain white T-shirt, black shorts or trousers

Plain black, white or blue headscarves

Frederick Bird sweatshirts are available to buy from our school office for £6.50

Frederick Bird T-shirts and bags are available to buy from the following retailers:
Uniform at Tesco

Coventry Boot Fund

Parents or guardians of children attending school in Coventry, who find themselves in need of help, may apply to school for an application form for assistance from the Children’s Boot Fund. The completed form is returned to the school office for the head teacher to endorse, and then sent to the Charity secretary who will place it before the committee for consideration. There are four allocations yearly. Successful candidates are issues with a voucher for Charles Ager to exchange for a good quality properly fitted pair of shoes suitable for school.

Who qualifies?

The basic qualification is that the child who requires new school shoes is of school age, and a regular attendee at a Coventry school. Coventry Boot Fund will try to help as many families as possible, normally only one child per family is granted a voucher within a twelve month period.