Scruffy loves reading. He loves to snuggle up on a lap and be read to although he does find reading all on his own hard because he can’t turn the pages very well. He is well known by the children in school who suggest books that he might like to read and who are suggesting ways to help him to learn to read. This is Scruffy’s page with some recommendations for stories that you might enjoy too.


Scruffy Getting Ready For Summer

Scruffy knows it’s fast approaching the summer holidays now and he’s getting his summer plans sorted because he gets bored

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Scruffy’s Holiday Plans

Scruffy and Max have been planning their holidays for the summer.. but can you guess where he and Max want

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Scruffy Prepares For Sports Day

Scruffy has heard it’s sports day, he’s been doing his research on a variety of topics… click the thumbnail below

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Scruffy And The Computer

Scruffy has been using a computer… but what for?? click the thumbnail below to find out what scruffy was doing

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Scruffy’s A Reading Gladiator

Scruffy is a member of the reading gladiator club in year 4, he’s been loving following all the books that

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Scruffy Loves Reading Books

Year 6 had SATS last week and Scruffy was ever so pleased to see a cat in the reading paper..

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Scruffy Has A New Book

Mrs Catton has bought Scruffy a new book… but what is the book you wonder.. click the thumbnail below to

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Scruffy’s Best Friend

Scruffy loves reading with Mrs Catton but when she’s at work who does scruffy play and read with? click the

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Scruffy Loves Pop-up Books

Scruffy decided to get out his pop-up books at the weekend , to find out which ones are his favourite

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Scruffy and Mothers Day

Scruffy enjoyed spending Mothers day with Mrs Catton, to find out what they got up to read below;