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Autumn in Nursery

The Nursery children have been having fun exploring the outdoor environment as the seasons change. They have collected leaves to

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Children in Need

We went on a ramble for children in need through the forest!

Police Officers Visiting Reception

This week Reception had a visit from two police officers. They talked to them all about what they do, what

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Fireworks with Year 3

This week Year 3 have been investigating the origins of Bonfire Night as part of their new theme. After reading

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Guy Fawkes plotting…

The children in Year 3 have been fascinated by the story of Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. We have

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Exploring Media and Materials in Reception

The children in Reception have been trying different techniques with paint to make a firework picture. They used, dabbing, swirling

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FB 3-4 St John Vianney

The Frederick Bird boys football team took part in a fantastic game in the Harry Shaw Cup competition tonight. Unfortunately the

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Year 3 Firework Science

Today, all of the year 3 children worked with Laurel from Hands on Science to understand about the science of

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The Murder In The Manor

In Literacy , we have been reading ‘The Murder In The Manor’ . This was set in the Victorian times

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Reception Giant African Snails

Reception have been learning to look after their pet African snails Shelly and Meshell.  We have been discussing how to care for living creatures and to be kind and gentle. The children wanted to know how snails eat so we watched a video of how snails eat lettuce.

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