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Year 2 Enjoying the Seaside

Year 2 are having a great time in Weston-Super-Mare learning all about the seaside!

Frederick Bird 2-0 Stanton Bridge

Congratulations to the Frederick Bird Year 5 and 6 football team on their 2-0 win in their most recent game

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How to Capture a Minotaur

This week, Year 5 have been writing instructions about how to capture a Minotaur . We hope you enjoy our ideas.

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Kingswood Arrival

We have received news that the children have arrived safely at Kingswood. Time to start having fun!

Reception News

We have started learning about Pirates in Reception. We heard a story about Pirate Pete losing his hat this week.

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Year 1 Safari Adventure

On Wednesday 18th May, Year 1 visited the West Midlands Safari Park. We had a fantastic time! The children saw

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Changes in Reception Outdoor Environment

As part of their learning in Understanding of the World the children in Reception have been noticing and talking about

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Building Bridges In Year 5

As part of our unit on bridges and canals, Year 5 enjoyed using building resources to create their own bridges.

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Decay Finding In Reception

This week we have been learning about decay. We enjoyed exploring the changes that occurred to fruit and flowers when

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5 Kingfishers working on inventions.

5 Kingfishers have been working very hard designing their own inventions and explaining how they work.