School Governors

Good morning and welcome to Frederick Bird.

Eight hundred children attend our school.  They have an amazing array of personal qualities, talents and abilities. It is the job of the school to play a significant part in the development of these qualities.

The Headteacher and her colleagues are the most important people in this task. We depend upon their flair, experience and understanding. We expect them to provide the children with the skills in reading, writing and mathematics which government and employers are seeking. It is, however, more than this. We expect them to provide a broad and balanced schooling which includes , amongst other things, sport, art, music, science, history, geography, languages  and technology. We also expect them to foster social responsibility and to keep our children safe and healthy. It is a daunting task. They deserve our full support.

The Governors of the school are key in the provision of this support. We appoint the Headteacher, make sure she meets her legal responsibilities and encourage her to create an outstanding and safe school environment.  When there is a complaint,  which has not been very often, our role is to judge impartially. But our main job is the see that our children have a schooling which meets their needs and  contributes to their personal growth through the work of the school staff. Please support us in this important task.

Dick Carter
Chair of Governors


Frederick Bird Governing Body


Frederick Bird Primary School Governor 2017-18

All Governors can be contacted via the school on 024 7622 1920.