Year 3 visit to New Walk Museum

On Thursday 1st March, 3 Owls and 3 Wrens spent an enjoyable day at the New Walk museum in Leicester in the company of some real mummies!

The children learned a lot from the museum’s expert, Lesley, who helped the children to begin their learning journey about the life of the Ancient Egyptians. The children enjoyed dressing up, making amulets from clay, examining canopic jars and using Egyptian style tools. We also saw real life mummies (which were safe behind glass) and handled real artefacts that have come to the museum from Egypt.

Ever since the visit, the children have been desperate to find out more about their favourite Egyptian pharaohs and their way of life.

Whilst exploring the rest of the museum the children also came across some amazing fossils and dinosaur models which supported their learning from last half term.

Sadly, the visit for 3 Kingfisher and 3 Robins had to be postponed due to snow. The visit will now take place on Friday 20th April.


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